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Active Sales

The field of customer relationship management entails a lot of data maintenance in the CRM system for companies. The management and the marketing department in particular use this data on a regular basis. The situation is different for the sales employee. What advantages does CRM offer for sales in addition to the 360-degree view of the customer?

Active Sales provides small and medium sized enterprises the opportunity to set up their sales activities more efficiently through the use of their CRM software. In doing so, the usual everyday problems faced by sales are reduced. The tool focuses on mapping an image of all customers in CRM, which shows sales at first glance where action is needed. All individually set triggers are displayed in a dashlet. These include current sales opportunities, overdue activities or important prospects. This creates a 360-degree view of each customer, which quickly shows the sales staff the status of their work.


The basic framework extends the CRM system with included standard rules, which are required in almost every sales department. Internal rules can also be implemented through the use of “standardised” customisation.


The Active Sales Cockpit provides a clear summary on the CRM starting page. The element displays all the triggers that have been configured in the system and thus provides useful hints for possible next steps for prospects and clients.


The Active Sales dashlet gives hints per prospect or client directly in the 360-degree view. This can include appointments or similar activities with other prospects/clients, which are to also be recommended here.


Triggers can be configured in the system, which are then available for all sales staff and help them to structure their work beyond the client view.

Custom Triggers

Individual triggers can be implemented without effort. A technical guide describes how to record a custom logic.

Standard Triggers

  • Important idle prospects
  • Upcoming activities
  • New leads
  • Current sales opportunities
  • Overdue activities (calls, appointments, etc.)
  • ... and many more!

With Active Sales, your sales representatives now get a full 360-degree view of their clients. The dashlet makes all information available in a prominent location on your CRM dashboard, without requiring the data to be compiled individually and with a lot of effort. In addition, the sales representative receives active hints about what can be done next. All contact information is then complete. Time and resources can be reduced at the same time, since employees can actively define their work steps according to their needs. Active Sales is independent of any system and can be used in various CRM systems.

What’s great about this solution: the tool allows a more intensive use and acceptance of the CRM software, which leads to an improved data maintenance. Necessary information can then be quickly recognised, evaluated and shared within the company.

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